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OS Version Qilan Version
OS X 10.11 and higher Version 3.5
OS X 10.7 Through 10.11 (Intel) Version 3.3
OS X 10.4.11 to 10.6.8 (Intel) Version 3.2
OS X 10.4.9 (Intel or PPC) Version 3.1
OS X 10.3 and 10.4 Version 3.0
OS X 10.X (older versions) Unsupported but contact us if needed.
Other operating systems with JVM/Tomcat installed are supported for web deployment. Version 3.0 (JSP output)

First the legal stuff:

CommonGround Softworks Inc. shall not, in any event, be liable for any damages incurred by use of this software, including damages due to lost or destroyed data, databases or programs, lost profits or any special, contigent, incidental or consequential damages.

For our Helix users, versions 3.5.x does not support Helix. Versions 3.3 through 3.1 include the Helix adapter (JSP only) and requires purchase of CallHelix 2.1. Versions 3.2 and 3.1 do NOT support cgi/fcgi. Version 3.0.x (registered) continues to support the Osmosis Gateway for Helix versions 5.x. using cgi/fcgi. JSP pages require the use of CallHelix 2.1 or greater. A discounted bundle price for Call Helix is available courtesy Autograph Systems and provided through our sales team. Please see our sales page..

We ask you to provide an email in case of a "bad news" release. Our privacy policy is simple. We don't sell information. We'd rather not send you any email notices at all. We suggest signing up on the Qilan list if you would like notices.


04/06/20 - Qilan 3.5.1 released. Requires OSX 10.11 or later.

11/10/14 - Qilan 3.3.08 released. Requires OSX 10.8 or later.

3/14/14 - Qilan 3.3.07 released. Requires OSX 10.8 or later. Updated scripts (GNU license) for Helix Server are in our FTP area.

12/6/13 - Qilan 3.3.06 released. Requires OSX 10.8 or later. Adds support for Helix Server 3.2. MySQL fixes. See the release notes for additional information.

7/12/13 - Qilan 3.3.05 released. Added HTML5 support.Extensive logging for both Qilan functions and SQL including configuration via file (/WEB-INF/classes/logging.xml).

3/21/13 - Qilan 3.3 released. Qilan developer requires Mac OS X 10.7 or newer. Please refer to the release notes.

10/9/09 - Qilan 3.2 released. Qilan is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6. Qilan has been rebuilt using JNI. Webtemplate exports are significantly faster and memory management has been improved. There are number of new features including check for Qilan updates, new operators. and a find function. Please refer to the release notes.

10/17/07 - Qilan 3.1 released. Incorporates charting frameworks from Cewolf. Qilan users can now easily create over 20 chart types including line, pie, bar, plot, timeseries, gantt and xy. Qilan Data Base Manager (QDBM) has been enhanced and now supports data import for Apache Derby. Apache Derby updated.

10/21/05 - Qilan 3.0 released. Foxpro added as a supported database. Qilan Lite (unregistered version of Qilan) is a free download. Web Templates can be exported as Java Server Pages (JSP). Using Tomcat, web content can be served cross-platform.

03/26/05 - Commenced Public beta of Qilan v3.

02/19/04 - Version 2.8.1 released. Webtemplate can now be printed and viewed in browser with new toolbar icons. Webtemplate now has status bar showing line numbers and parent tag relationships. MySQL join syntax and HTML import bug fixes. Apache 2.0 compatible. Enhanced application defaults and preferences. Automated saving.

11/13/03 - Version 2.8 released. Added Sybase adapter. Added new Calculation abacus that supports over 35 methematical functions. Added QHTTP tag. This tag can be used to manipulate pages, vary content, download and open data with native applications as well as a variety of other uses.
04/16/03 - Version 2.7.1 released. Large web template slowness and Qilan.fcgi to Helix disconnect error bug fixes. Also fixed Oracle adapter JDBC "number" data type bug. Colored tags in web template.
01/28/03 - Version 2.7 released. Added MS Access and MySQL adapters. Jaguar compatible.
12/16/02 - Jaguar compatible Public beta release 2.7b3. MS Access adapter added.
06/24/02 - Qilan 2.6.1 Adds the QINPUT and QOPTION tags. HTML import and Record Locking bug fixes. Improved use of boolean logic by queries.
04/06/02 - Qilan 2.5.1 released. Significant number of interface improvements. 'Used By" window functionality improved (shows you where stuff is used in your project). Data types nvarchar, ntext, and nchar are now supported in the MSSQL database adapter.
03/15/02 - Qilan 2.5 released. Added data arrays and dictionaries along with tags to manipulate. Inproved MS SQL Server adapter. Numerous "under the hood" changes. HTML/DTD handling completely rewritten.
01/02/02 - Qilan 2.4 released. Added Informix adapter and plugged a memory leak in the Qilan Developer app.
12/21/01 - Qilan 2.3.2 released. FCGI installer improvement.
12/7/01 - Qilan 2.3 released. Added Oracle adapter, BLOB and CLOB support.
11/9/01 - Qilan 2.2.4 released. Qilan will now run without keys as a free "trial" version. See the ReadMe for more info.
11/3/01 - Qilan 2.2.2 released
10/31/01 - Qilan 2.2 released
7/5/2001 - Qilan 2.0.2 released.
5/17/2001 - Qilan 2.0 released.
3/31/2001 - Qilan 2.0 beta 0 released
10/6/2000 - 1.2 released.
7/26/2000 - 1.1.2 released (Helix installation bug fixes)
7/24/2000 - 1.1.1 released.
7/17/2000 - 1.1 released.
5/16/2000 - 1.0.1 released.
5/7/2000 -1.0.0 released.
5/1/2000 - 1.0b6.36 released.
4/26/2000 - 1.0b5.35 released.
4/25/2000 - 1.0b4.34 released. Bug fixes. See list below.
4/23/2000 - 1.0b3.33 released. Added QRun tag. Unicode support added. Don't forget to set UTC-8 as the character encoding for Netscape and Explorer. Documentation updates will follow shortly.
4/17/00 - 1.0b2.32 released. Bug fix list below. The great folks at Frontbase will be releasing a new version of Frontbase with a revised EOF adapter fixing one bug we found.
3/21/00 - 1.0b1.27 released. Fixes a problem with framework fields having non-alpha characters.
3/18/00 - First initial public beta 1.0b0.26

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