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DataBase Interconnectivity
DataBase Web Deployment
   There are a wide variety of DataBase models and data formats being used in today's business, technical and educational markets. Until now, few software products have specialized in integrating these disparate systems into a coherant user interface.

   Qilan not only accomplishes this with amazing simplicity but can also update each connected database to synchronize the data for everyone. It will seamlessly transfer data -- in the background,and in real time -- between different systems on different platforms.

   The result is a comprehensive Data Management System that will take the headaches out of operating in a multi-DataBase, multi-platform environment.

   You have lots of data. You have lots of people who need to share that data -- the updated version, not yesterdays news. Qilan offers the simplest and least expensive way to accomplish this task.

   You can not only use the Web to share data but also enter new data and update your current database in real time. This means that the Web can become an extention of your office, with all of the convenience, security and protection you have in your current system.

   The Internet has provided the means to link organizations together and improve their exchange of information -- Qilan is the tool that helps you take advantage of this to the fullest possible measure.

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