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An Ecommerce example site. The shopping cart and Tutorial information is available at and uses OpenBase as the backend database.

Many web sites need supporting functions such as form mailers, a mechanism to send specific information as an email from a web page. This Italian villa rental site uses Qilan to provide direct email contact.

This University of California website (Click on the Biotechnology Information link followed by Scientific Database) is a search engine connected to a back end Helix database providing public information on issues relating to the application of biotechnology to crops.

Medical Coding Question bank -This website features an interactive interface where users can read a question list and click on a link to see the answer. This Coding Challenges link accesses a question list from a database. This list and answer pages are dynamically generated by Qilan from a backend SQL database.The database is maintained by the proprietor via a web interface. The administrative web interface allows entry of new questions and selects which questions are active at any given time.

The site features Classified ads and a discussion board for classic Ford cars using Qilan.

Eudora Internet Mail Server admin's who use the Email spam filter plugin Simpletext Filter (STF) by MCF Software, have a database of spam filter rules.

AlphaJet International uses Qilan for Invoicing/Billing, Flight Scheduling, Aircraft Maintenance Mgt. and more; see demonstration (Qilan is used to synchronize the OpenBase backend with a Helix accounting database, data is updated both ways).

Southern Metals Company Inc. uses Qilan to provides web listings of Extruded Aluminum products and die prints; using OpenBase as the backend database for web interaction, updated via Qilan from a Helix database used in-house.

E. H. Darby Real Estate uses Qilan as a search engine for category and keyword queries; using OpenBase as the backend database for web display, updated via Qilan from a Helix database used in-house.

WebAisce is an automated clinical information system for health care providers. Qilan provides the form mailer function for the website and the foundation of the information system.

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