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Qilan v3 Download

Thank you trying Qilan v3. Qilan allows the development of sophisticated database driven websites without using a programming language or SQL. Business logic is constructed by developers using a drag and drop interface and exported as JSPs by Qilan. Take a brief tour. (Sample projects are available in the download area)
Please take advantage of this download page and tell us of your experience. Visit often as new builds are created when problems are reported/fixed. The download contains a fully configured version of Apache Tomcat (v9), complete documentation, examples and database adapters/drivers. The approximate archive size is 129 megabytes. Note that the Qilan update function should be used for subsequent 3.5.x releases. The base download may not always be updated.
Limitations: Qilan runs as a 'Lite' version until registered. It is fully functional except that the number of JSP webtemplates is limited to five (5). Qilan will not expire. Note that versions newer than 3.0 do not support CGI exports.
Registration: When you are ready to register,. Please contact support to purchase your registration keys. Please note that v3.5 is an upgrade from v3.3 and will require new registration keys. Please refer to our sales page for pricing.. There is a separate .mpkg provided to install the needed components to run more than 5 web templates.
Requirements: The Qilan Developer v3.5 requires Mac OS X 10.11 or higher and an intel processor . Apache Tomcat v9 is included and requires a current JVM install.

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Version3.5.1Click here to download Qilan example projects...

Special Note for Helix® Users: Helix OS X is supported for JSP webtemplates until version 3.3.08. CallHelix (v2.1.2) is required for older Helix Server versions. Download a demo. New Helix Server users can connect directly with our new script set in the download area.