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Qilan empowers developers to quickly build and deploy sophisticated web DataBase Management Systems without a knowledge of SQL or computer languages.

Qilan employs a unique, visual, drag and drop approach to create logical expressions and web forms.

Simple, yet powerful, objects dynamically link internet users with enterprise databases.

Why Use Qilan?
DataBase Web Deployment
  • Build sophisticated web applications without a single line of traditional programming.

  • Spend your time and resources on results, not learning new programming languages.

  • Link (or cross link) data in multiple databases with the ease of a single database system.

  • Construct visual, non-syntactical SQL statements.

  • Harness the power of UNIX and Perl scripting directly in your web applications.

  • Built on a modern foundation that assures speed, flexibility and stability.
  • Macintosh OS X Native

  • Complete visual environment

  • Does not require SQL or code level programming

  • Fully integrated HTML forms and layouts

  • Imports/Exports/Updates database schema

  • Imports existing HTML

  • Over 70 operators to create logical expressions

  • Specialized dataprocessing tags

  • Supports iteration and recursion

  • Unicode Support

  • Supports external scripting

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